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The main barriers to innovation

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Innovating can be a tremendous challenge, but it is the key to a company remaining relevant and competitive. However, there are common obstacles that many organizations face when trying to foster innovation. Some companies end up looking for models that paradoxically stifle innovation, avoiding mistakes and experimentation, which is fundamental for progress. Others fall into the trap of following fads and simplistic formulas that promise quick results but fail to deliver sustainable innovation.

Identifying and overcoming these blockages is crucial if innovation is not just an intention, but a constant reality integrated into the corporate culture.

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How to structure innovation?

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Innovating is not just an option, but a vital necessity for companies that want to prosper. However, how to start and structure this process effectively? The key may lie in the institutionalization of innovation.

Many companies talk about innovation, but few have a formalized process shared by everyone. The secret does not lie in a single and universal model, but in a framework adapted to the company’s specific context, which allows for a coherent and consistent approach.

For a company to stand out, it also needs an innovation model that goes beyond simple inspiration. This model must be strategic, focused on customer needs, segmented into clear stages and continually improved. Effective innovation results from quality management, well-defined processes and a culture that encourages divergent thinking.

So, how can a company turn innovation into a driver of growth and success?

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Why and how to promote a culture of innovation?

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In the business world, an old saying states that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This proverb illustrates the importance of organizational culture in comparison with the best strategies.

When we talk about innovation, technology is often seen as the main driving force. However, the real driving force behind innovation lies in people and the culture that surrounds them, meaning that for innovation to flourish, it is essential to go beyond technology and focus on the human element and the environment that fosters creativity and change.

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Innovation isn’t what it used to be

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Innovation, once almost optional, has become an imperative for companies to survive. Today, the speed of change imposed by the digital revolution and globalization requires companies to innovate more quickly. Technological disruption, with the combination of various emerging technologies, has brought new challenges that require a strategic and structured approach to innovation.

It is vital that companies ensure that innovation is an integral part of their strategy, focused on creating value for customers and generating profits. Innovation is not just creativity or invention, but a continuous process of transforming ideas into market value.

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LBC launches Analytics and AI Competence Center in Lisbon and Munich


The skills center is being built on LBC’s extensive skills base in strategic consultancy, digital transformation and talent development over the years, and more than 1.200 projects carried out in 18 countries.

You are not starting from scratch and can benefit from having an average of 30 ongoing projects within the company as secured customers, as well as the company’s own ability to invest in new AI-supported products.

LBC has already implemented several projects in different countries using artificial intelligence, especially in the area of ​​virtual agents, generative intelligence and intelligent automation.

Carlos Valleré Oliveira, CEO of LBC

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