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How to structure innovation?

Woman touching a smart technology holographic interface

How to structure innovation?

Innovating is not just an option, but a vital necessity for companies that want to prosper. However, how to start and structure this process effectively? The key may lie in the institutionalization of innovation.

Many companies talk about innovation, but few have a formalized process shared by everyone. The secret does not lie in a single and universal model, but in a framework adapted to the company’s specific context, which allows for a coherent and consistent approach.

For a company to stand out, it also needs an innovation model that goes beyond simple inspiration. This model must be strategic, focused on customer needs, segmented into clear stages and continually improved. Effective innovation results from quality management, well-defined processes and a culture that encourages divergent thinking.

So, how can a company turn innovation into a driver of growth and success?

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