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ImmersionSilicon Valley

Corporate programs

Fully customized and developed for a specific company or group of companies.

About the program

your Team

Create alignment and cohesion among top management on the critical strategic, innovation and technological drivers for future success.

Discover Innovation

Tune up top management with the latest technological trends and business models.

Connect with Start-ups

Identify start-ups of interest for the competitiveness of the business.

Meet with Innovators

Provide opportunities for strategic partnerships and open innovation. Leverage innovation strategies and projects.

Our powerful expertise

Right Fit

All our corporate immersion programs are done more
than one time by the client, which is a solid indication of
the high impact and satisfaction achieved.


We have experience in implementing corporate immersion programs for large companies.

Our Alumni

Our participants are multicultural and multi-country, which makes the program even more valuable in bringing together synergies.