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ImmersionSilicon Valley

Government programs

Organization and management of country accelerators in Silicon Valley and visits by high ranking officials.

About the program

Empower officials

Empower officials to improve performance and to find innovative ways of avoiding or correcting errors in service delivery. Foster innovation from within and explore potential to generate new ideas and solutions.

Innovation in the public sector

Build a new understanding of innovation in the public sector and discover new ways of delivering a more effective service to the community.

Meet other officials

Understand how Silicon Valley can contribute to innovation in the public sector by exchanging experiences and gaining insights from other Government and public sector officials.

Our powerful expertise

Right Fit

All our Government immersion programs are designed to address the real needs of the attendees.


We have real-life experience from more than 50 e-gov projects, including 10 Government strategy designs. We took several members of Government, including a President of a country.

Our Alumni

Our participants are multicultural and multicountry, which makes the program even more valuable in bringing together synergies.