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It’s a fantastic event, I’m enjoying it thoroughly. My favourite session was at Andersen Horowitz. It was new!

Luis Batista-Coelho
Siinda Board Member
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Everything was very well organized. Especially yesterday with Google. The first meeting today was very interesting. We learned a lot. And that’s why we came here. Thank you for the organization!

Bernhard Lüders
CEO Sutter Digital Media
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I really enjoyed, especially the presentation about innovation. Very inspiring. If someone is interested in getting some new inspiration and getting to know the Bay Area, it’s a good organization and a real nice team to go with for the whole day.

Barbara Faber
Executive Director Deutsche Tele Medien GMBH
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An intense and highly relevant three day program covering talks with thought leaders, venture firms as well as companies innovating in several segment of strategic interest to Embraer.

Sandro Valeri
Embraer's Director of Strategic Innovation