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GSI International Executive Program

10th Edition – 1-5 May 2020


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A 5 day intensive program of immersion into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, culture, incubators, experts, visionaries, leading companies, plus networking sessions and sessions of capability enhancement for executives.

The program allows for customization according to the profile of the participants. The number of participants is limited.

Why do you think someone should
come to the Bay Area on this program?

Why this program is for you

Key Benefits & Objectives

1. Inspiration

Understand and get inspired by
and interpret the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley

2. Disruptive
Technology Trends

Gain insight into disruptive technology trends and their impacts on business and society

3. Learn New Frameworks & Tools

Know how to build entrepreneurial ecosystems and how to use innovation frameworks and tools, and benchmark against best practices

4. Build Digital Transformation

Know how to build Digital Transformation strategies and power-up execution

5. Grow your Network

Grow your networking power through contacts with experts, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, potential clients, suppliers and partners, plus the other participants

6. Identify Business Opportunities

Identify potential partnerships and business opportunities with the emerging start-ups in Silicon Valley

Program Components

icon enhancement

Enhancement of Strategic Innovation Capabilities

Interactive sessions with LBC, experts, entrepreneurs and a professor from Stanford University

icon benchmark

Benchmark Business Solutions with Champions

Interactive visits to leading companies such as Stanford University, Autodesk, Talkdesk, Carbon, Facebook, RWlabs, Plug and Play, amongst others

icon explore

Explore Business Acceleration Opportunities & Models

Visits to incubators and encounters with start-ups, venture capitalists and business angels

icon grow

Grow Your Network Power

Networking sessions with entrepreneurs, investors, experts and local business people, plus the network among participants

Structure of the program

Enhancement of strategic innovation capabilities

Enhancement of strategic innovation capabilities

08h00 - 09h30

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Every day starts with a session  promoted by LBC, setting a coherent framework to the program.

External experts are invited. A handbook will be given to all. The sessions will be interactive and participants are stimulated to discuss real world challenges.

Attendants will be required to define a challenge they face, in the first session on Monday, and to provide an actionable solution at the final session on Friday.

All participants will provide feedback to each others’ challenges.

inovation capabilities

Handbook – sessions with LBC – invited speakers – Stanford professor – identify your business challenges

Create a culture of innovation

Understand the impact of technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, cloud and others

Framework to accelerate innovation processes

Shape your Digital Transformation

Create new value through design thinking, pretotyping and other tools

Challenge the status quo and lead innovation efforts


Benchmark business challenges with Champions

Benchmark business challenges with Champions


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These will comprise sessions with specialists or visits to reference companies.

Except in the case of Google, these visits will have direct interaction with Executives from these companies, whom will share best practices and lessons learnt.

In some cases, the participants will break into 2 groups, for better alignment with their interests.(1)

(1) This part of the program will have changes until the starting date according to the interests of the participants enrolled.


benchmark business

Visits and interactive sessions with leading companies

Insight into the disruptive technologies that are challenging business models and creating new business opportunities

Introduction to the players that are leading the technological innovation and shaping the future of industries and society

Exposure to best practices and their transformation leaders

Explore business acceleration, opportunities and models

Explore business acceleration, opportunities and models



These will comprise guided visits to reputed incubators and accelerators.

Furthermore, it involves interaction with resident start-ups and pitching by the participants (if so prepared before departing to Silicon Valley).

Participants can also indicate, before departure, if they want to assist pitches by resident start-ups.

explore business

Interaction with Incubators/Accelerators

How the start-up ecosystem works – how to build an inhouse venture program and open innovation

The relevance of start-ups in the new economy and to your business

How can I use the existing incubators and their programs

Meet start-ups that are exploring new technologies – artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, blockchain, plus cloud and mobile advanced solutions, among others

Grow your networking power

Grow your networking power


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These will comprise networking sessions with target audiences, mostly entrepreneurs from the Valley, but also international entrepreneurs.

In some cases, we will have a CEO of a start-up of reference who will interact with the audience in an informal way, in a Q&A model.

One week before departure the participants will be informed about who will be present.



Networking Sessions

Get-togethers and cocktails with invited entrepreneurs, mostly at the visited incubators

Q&A with invited entrepreneurs

Visit to Autodesk Gallery and cocktail

Network session among the participants


2019 Program

















08h30 - 10h00 

Silicon Valley Mindset

Creating a culture of innovation 

What is distinctive of the Silicon Valley culture

How to promote a culture of innovation 
in your organization

Value Creation  & digital transformation

3 Horizons

How to derisk the innovation process


10 x Innovation

Design Thinking,

Session with Jon Littman 

The barriers to innovation

Open innovation

A framework for managing innovation

Case studies

Impact of Digital Disruption: 

The case for Blockchain Technology, with Karen Hsu

Wrap Up Discussion:

Key Commitments


Takeaways from Silicon Valley 





10h00 - 15h30



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16h00 - 17h00



Visit to

Amazon Go 


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17h00 - 18h00

Free time for personal events

Panel discussion with Brazilian, Portuguese and South African Entrepreneurs

West to WestaicepPalcus

Free time for personal events 

Group dinner

 Free program

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