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The Future of Intelligent Agriculture

gsii Intelligent Agriculture

Macro trends such as population growth, climate change, urbanization, and trade globalization have driven the modernization of the agricultural sector. Ever seen as an activity based on traditional techniques, agriculture is turning into a high-tech industry.

Smart & Precision Farming, Farming Systems & Machinery, Vertical Farming, Crop Efficiency, Big Data, Drones & Satellites and Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the emerging technologies that support the AgriTech (or AgTech) as well as optimizing results for farmers.

Agroop is one of the innovation reference cases in the Precision Farming area in Portugal. Focused on developing a concept based on observing, measuring and responding to changes in crops, the AgriTech startup has created software for crop monitoring, resource-saving, risk prevention, and production improvement. Agroop has developed also a device that acts as a sensor capable of monitoring solar radiation, temperature, and humidity of crops.

Despite the strong activity of the AgriTech industry, it is believed that artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and sensor technology will still have much to add to the innovation and disruption of the agricultural sector. Smarter and more connected agriculturists increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production, and in that sense, they become the key to address issues relevant to Humanity.

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