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GSI brings 18 more Executives to Silicon Valley

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GSI brings 18 more Executives to Silicon Valley

From the 9th till the 13th of July 2018 another edition of the Global Strategic Innovation – International Executive Program (GSI IEP) was held in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California.

In this 8th edition, eighteen Executives from fourteen different companies participated in GSI IEP, eight from Leiria, one from Braga, seven from Lisbon, one from Cape Verde and one from Brazil.

Their main objectives were, among others, to apprehend and import some of the cultural features that make Silicon Valley the most renowned innovation cluster, but also to know the technological trends that are changing the way of doing business and to learn how to interact with Silicon Valley’s companies using their business language: the elevator pitch.

In addition to the communication effect, the development of a pitch is a fundamental tool for building a (winning) business idea, since it works on the clarification of the business competitive advantages.

For five whole days, those Executives were totally immersed in the innovation environment that is so characteristic from the Bay Area. Was it worth it?

The best way to assess it is from the participants’ insights: “Excellent, I think that from now on nothing will be the same!”; “Top program, loved it!”; “I feel that my level of ignorance has just increased…”; and the words like “Amazing”, “Transformative”, “Open-minded”; “Discovery” were also used.

Throughout the program, the team spirit that developed amongst all the participants was fantastic, with informal end-of-day programs and constant sharing of photos and videos, mainly by whatsapp and by email. Networking is also an important component of GSI.

We must thank to all GSI IEP 2018 participants. We gained a lot from your insights throughout the program! We will meet again soon for the Alumni event!