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Innovation Lab

08h00 - 09h15

Culture of Innovation

Innovation Framework

 Customer Journey

Value Creation Forum

Tools: Design Thinking & Pretotyping

Breaking the Status Quo

Networking with new Technologies

Innovation Commitments

GSI Evaluation

 Interaction with Champions


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Free program

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 Business Acceleration


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 Networking Sessions  Reception at the Plug and Play with Start-ups/Entrepreneurs  Meeting with South African and Kenyan Entrepreneurs and Cocktail  Meeting with Portuguese, Spanish & Brazilian Entrepreneurs and Cocktail  San Francisco Innovation Cocktail  Informal group dinner or flight back


 Program Structure



Innovation Lab

08h00 - 09h15

These sessions will be given by Leadership Business Consulting to provide a coherent framework to the participants. Sometimes, external experts will be invited. A handbook will given to all. The sessions will be interactive and participants are stimulated to discuss real world challenges. Participants will be required to define a challenge they face, in the first session on Monday and to provide an actionable solution at the final session on Friday. All participants will provide feedback to each others challenges.

 Interaction with Champions


These will comprise sessions with specialists or visits and interaction with reference companies. Except in the case of Google, these visits will have direct interaction with the persons being visited, allowing for discussion of best practices, lessons learnt and references. In some cases the participants will break into 2 groups, visiting only some of the companies in the program. This part of the program will have changes until the start date according to the profile and interests of the registered enrolled. Thus, the first participants to be enrolled will have more say in shaping the program

 Business Acceleration


These will comprise guided visits to reputed incubators and accelerators, interaction with resident start-ups, pitching by the participants if so prepared before departing to Silicon Valley. Participants can also indicate, before departure, if they want to assist pitches by resident start-ups – this has to be done by themes (IoT, AI, etc.) and sectors (energy, telecom, retail, etc.).

 Networking Sessions

These will comprise networking sessions with target audiences, mostly entrepreneurs from the Valley but also international entrepreneurs. In each case we will have a CEO of a start-up of reference who will address the audience in an informal setting, with room for Q&A. One week before departure the participants will be informed of the CEOs who will be present.




Silicon Valley is an exciting experience that everyone should have. The energy that vibrates in that place is phenomenal. Glória Guimarães dos Santos, Vice-President Operations National Post Office, Brazil







I felt very motivated to participate in this program because it seems to be a unique opportunity to see two world leaders in innovation, MIT and Stanford, and bring new ideas, experiences and knowledge that promote the improvement of the project. Jorge Sales Gomes, CEO at Brisa Inovação, Portugal








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