As a result of Leadership Business Consulting's positioning and experience in Silicon Valley, we have prepared a set of training offers – the Silicon Valley Training Programs, which are designed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in a nationwide scope, as well as to prepare businesses to compete in the global market:



Elevator Pitch

The mastery and skills to present an "Elevator Pitch" have proved to be crucial in highly competitive environments of presentation and business evaluation. This technique are of extreme importance for the successful presentation of a value proposition and for attracting investment, partners and customers.

Strategic Innovation

The effectiveness of innovation within a company can only be ensured if it is structured in a long term plan. In fact, as companies grow in size, they tend to become less innovative and tend to be solely reactive to the market. In this training session we present a methodology to think and act innovatively taking into account the strategic framework of the company.


In Silicon Valley there are networking events happening on a daily basis. In fact, networking is a fundamental tool in creating business. This training session discusses strategies to best take advantage of the network of contacts and thus identify and exploit business opportunities.


Through webinars you can participate in virtual events occurring in Silicon Valley and stay closer to the cradle of global innovation.



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